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West Africa - BENIN


Development of a portfolio of training programs accessible through continuing education in Tourism, Hospitality, and Food & Beverage as well as capacity building for 620 industry professionals currently in employment. 


South Africa - LESOTHO


Workforce development and capacity building for tourism and hospitality stakeholders in Lesotho

Integrated package from market analysis/ training needs analysis to training delivery.

Work assignment includes also the blueprint and financial sustainability of the national school for hospitality and tourism education.

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Southeast Asia - MALAYSIA 


Social Impact Assessment (Pre-Survey) in view of the construction of SIDAM manufacturing hub as part of the Kulim International Airport infrastructure, state of Kedah, Malaysia.



Southeast Asia - MALAYSIA

Completed June 2019

Deliverable: 3 Tier-Instrument for Placement and Selection and Aerospace technicians and engineers. Proof of concept of an online platform incorporating psychometrics, linguistics, and cognitive testing.


Southeast Asia - MALAYSIA  

Completed May 2017

Deliverable:  Value Inculcation Program. Integrated coaching program including cognitive, psychometric testing, and remedial training to increase the employability of junior engineers on the international labor market.


Southeast Asia - MALAYSIA

Completed May 2017

 Deliverable: Design of validation method for a Virtual  Immersive Reality Training Program for Aerospace Technicians. Validation consists here in making sure that the training platform is viable commercially for the cultural, social, and psychological diversity of the targeted market.


Europe / Central Asia - GEORGIA 

Completed  May 2016

Deliverable: Workforce development and capacity building for rural tourism and hospitality stakeholders in the Imereti region. Integrated package from market analysis/ training needs analysis to training delivery.


Southeast Asia - CAMBODIA   

Completed November 2015 

Deliverable:  Educational concept, market study, and financial forecast for a national tourism training center in Phnom Penh.

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Western Europe  - FRANCE    

Completed September 2014 

Deliverable:  Pre-architectural survey on cultural conditioning of the Airbus campus’ facilities in Toulouse


Anthropotek, along with AMIC, has a considerable history since 2014, contributing to the first introduction to Industry 4.0 through the Aerospace Virtual Reality Project in Malaysia. The achievement of the Anthropotek team was of significant value and then formed the basis of the national policy on Industry 4.0 (Industry4wrd). 

The Anthropotek high qualified experts play a critical role with invaluable knowledge of social sciences applied to human resource solutions in the aerospace manufacturing industry in Malaysia. This sector of the aerospace industry alone contributes approx. 6.91 billion RM to the country's GDP.

Liew Kan Ern, Chief Executive Officer, Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre 

AMIC industry-led research center in aerospace in Malaysia.

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