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Drawing from the field of anthropology, as well as other social sciences and humanities, Anthropotek aims at providing human solutions to industry sectors in order to solve problems that cannot be solved by the usual corporate fields of knowledge such as marketing, human resource management, quality management, etc.

The aforementioned fields of knowledge are de facto applied sciences: their theories draw from “mother fields” such as anthropology, sociology, and psychology.

At Anthropotek, we call upon these mother fields of knowledge to investigate deeper into the root cause of the problems that our clients are confronted with. 

Our experts are all highly qualified in these disciplines; when a problem presented to us is particularly complex, we mobilize different fields of knowledge to shed a transdisciplinary light on the issue at hand, thus increasing our chances to provide an accurate and effective solution.

Our portfolio is, but not limited to, the following range of solutions




Sociometric Tests


Psychometrics comprise mainly personality tests and cognitive tests that can be used for a whole range of applications,  including selection, recruitment, and placement.


Sociometrics is the testing application of sociometry. Sociometry inquires into the evolution and organization of groups and the position of individuals within them. These groups can be SMEs, NGOs or large corporations.

Spatial Abilities Tests 


Spatial Abilities Test are based on neuroscience input. We test the cognitive abilities of individuals to geo-locate their own bodies into space and/or their ability to generate specific mental images.

The former is useful to assess performance for technicians handling tools; and the latter gives novel insights for individuals who deal with navigation applications or who work in creative arts.

Social Impact 



Social impact assessment is a methodology to review the social effects of infrastructure projects and other development interventions (typically, like airports, transportation or manufacturing hubs, water dams, etc).

As far as Malaysia is concerned, we only offer SIA pre-survey at this stage, as the full report required for official submission must be provided by a member of the Malaysian Association of Social Impact Assessment. 

Workforce Development

Capacity Building 

This service usually applies on the rather macro-scale. This type of consultancy work is often commissioned by international agencies or government sectors: it usually requires Anthropotek to conduct a comprehensive, fieldwork-intensive, survey, typically alongside the following methodology sequence: industry market study, labour market study, training needs analysis, training plan & contents design, as well  training implementation and train the trainers’ delivery.


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Feel free to have a glance at the “Our Clients” to get a grasp of the jobs we have done so far, it might open a range of possibilities in your mind, beyond this mere portfolio of services.

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